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The Future of Office Chairs

None Let’s talk about your office chair.

It’s got some nice features: dark leather. Minimal squeaking. Built-in toaster oven.

Problem is, it’s killing your back. Which is killing your output. Which is killing your raise potential.

What you need: a chair that looks so crazy, it must be good for your body.

Presenting the Locus Seat by Focal Upright Furniture, a customizable number that lets you not quite sit but not quite stand, available now for preorder.

Picture a bicycle seat. Now give it an adjustable leg and attach it to what looks like Marty McFly’s hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II. Add wheels. And a lip on the end for foot support. That’s this.

So cut to a regular workday. You’ll drop your hindquarters on this baby. You’ll adjust the seat to your height. Then you’ll enter something close to spinal nirvana, thanks to the chair’s free-movement instability, which keeps you shifting and mobile, thus stimulating blood and oxygen flow and preventing leg sleepiness.

Oh, and you’ll also probably want to get the matching desk, a drafting-style table that angles down to complement your new semi-standing posture.

Which happens to complement your semi-working posture.


Locus Seat by Focal Upright Furniture

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