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A Fried-Oyster-Filled Respite on Crescent Avenue

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According to our files, it’s the 28th Wednesday of 2012.

Which means... Happy 28th Wednesday of 2012.

Sorry we missed the first 27.

But hey, look, we got you a gift.

It’s your favorite. Fried-oyster sliders on soft buttery buns.

Welcome to Lure, a dark-wood and dark-shadows fish house that you’ll seek out anytime you’re in the market for sweet seafood solace (or punch bowls), taking reservations now for its Tuesday opening in Midtown.

This place will remind you of home... if your home is a high-ceilinged, brass-spotlight-lit sea cabin that smells like a coastal fishing dock at 6am. And we mean this in the nicest, shrimp-bisque-y-est kind of way.

For the first couple months, it’s dinner only. So if it’s nice out, hole up on the skyscraper-enclosed patio with a couple of off-duty marine biologists. And a punch bowl. Get the one with horchata and tequila. Then, pair it with a bunch of wheat-beer-steamed mussel pots.

Or if it’s a plus-one kind of affair, head inside. Grab a cream-colored half-booth, some licorice-garnished shochu and those fried-oyster sliders with rémoulade and watercress.

Watercress: it’s a natural aphrodisiac.

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