Light Bright

You’ll Never Lose Your Tent Again

None You live for those multiday summer music festivals.

The camping. The bands. The porta-potties.

They’re so fun, you occasionally forget which of the tents in the sea of tents is yours. Which can be a problem.

And now it’s solved.

Presenting Tentfinder, a little gadget that lights up your tent so you know which one is yours, available now.

Take one of those teeny flying saucers with all the lights on it from *Batteries Not Included. Now take a lighthouse. Combine them. This is kind of exactly that: a small, disk-shaped homing beacon armed with 23 LED lights that will get you back to your base camp as long as you have eyes that can still receive light (which may depend on the day’s activities).

So picture it: you’re at Bonnaroo. You’ve had your fill of a band that once opened for a band that once opened for Kings of Leon, and you’re heading back to camp. Once you’re within 50 meters of your tent, you’ll press a button on the included remote, and immediately your tent will start to glow. Just step toward the light—and pretty soon, you’ll be home.

We hear they’re working on a hotel version of this for Vegas.

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