Briefs Case

Boxers. With Pockets.

None Traveling. You’ve got it pretty much figured out.

You read maps like a pro. Carry bags like a Sherpa. And possess the ability to order beer in seven languages.

But lose your passport or credit card and... it’s not pretty.

What you need: a little assurance.

And how you’ll get it: in the form of boxers.

Introducing Clever Travel Companion Underwear with Pockets, the... well, the name pretty much says it all, available now.

About these boxer briefs. They’re striped. They’re available in three different colors. And they’ve got 200% more zippered pockets. Or just enough undercover real estate to secretly stash your most important possessions. Like your passport. And your house keys. And... actually, you know what, don’t stash your house keys here.

So in two weeks, when it’s your turn to buy a round of pints in London, you’ll casually (level of discretion is up to you) dip your hand into one of the two front boxer pockets and pull out some cash. The bartender may look at you funny. Also, a comely lass may stroll up to you and inquire about your level of excitement.

Feel free to assure her it is in fact a roll of quarters.


Clever Travel Companion Underwear with Pockets

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