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The Mondrian’s New Rooftop Lounge

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You keep a few rules of thumb...

Never rat on your friends. Always keep your mouth shut.

And always, always meet your daily recommended fruit requirements...

Hence, Soaked at Mondrian SoHo, a rooftop utopia of fruit-infused booze, booze-infused fruit and possibly the best view in the city, opening Thursday.

Regarding the name: this roof is utterly pool-less (sorry for the bubble-burst). The good news: you’re not going to care when you’re at a breezy altitude surrounded by various fruits and 360-degree views of the fair isle of Manhattan. And Brooklyn. And Jersey. And maybe space, on a clear night.

The idea here is to bring fresh fruits and Liquiteria juices together with spirited liquids—in every possible way. So watermelon cocktails, peaches soaked in Bulleit Bourbon, strawberry-rhubarb-vodka popsicles and raspberry-vodka soft-serve all make appearances.

Two notes: you need to make a reservation online first. And it’s only open Tuesday through Thursday (the middle days need love, too).

When you arrive: hey, nice springy astroturf. You’ll mingle your way between the reed-lined outdoor deck with the circular couch and the downtown-facing main bar (this must be what Batman feels like when he orders a cocktail) and a strongly air-conditioned, whited-out indoor space for a break from all that pesky beauty. Plus: a smaller, telescope-equipped patio beyond that.

It’s for looking down at other rooftop bars.


Soaked at Mondrian SoHo
9 Crosby St
(between Grand and Howard)
New York, NY, 10013


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