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A 3D Golf Robot That Improves Your Swing

None Sorry to start your week off like this, but we have some sobering news.

Robots are taking over.

They’re everywhere: in factories. On the battlefield. Starring in movies like Speed and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.

Oh, and on your golf glove.

They’re also on your golf glove now...

Take an incredibly scientific look at GolfSense, a tiny robot golf instructor (okay, it’s a sensor) that attaches to your glove and spits out real-time, 3D feedback on your golf swing through its corresponding iPhone app, available now.

First things first. Call your golf pro and let him know he’s been replaced. And once that bit of nasty business is over, jump online and pick up a sensor, download the app and head to the nearest golf course/driving range/office putting green.

After you link up the sensor with the app (this involves Bluetooth, not wires), all that’s left to do is slip it on your glove and... golf. And while you’re doing that, this thing will be calculating your club speed, monitoring your club position and recording your swing path and tempo.

Then, somewhere between salmon croquette number one and martini number three on the 19th green, you’ll pull out your phone and examine the results in all their 3D glory.

And then be better at golf.

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