Spin Doctor

A High-Tech Handheld DJ Booth

None It’s Friday.

And Fridays, well, that’s when you party.

And parties, well, they’re better with DJs.

Also, dips.

But let’s get back to the music situation.

And how tonight, you’ll be supplying it.

Presenting iRig Mix, an ultra-compact portable mixer that functions like a pocket-sized professional DJ, available now.

To imagine this thing, just picture a real live DJ. Now, take away the discs. And the jockey. And shrink the equipment down to about the size of a TV remote. Good. That’s this.

So tonight, when no one’s dancing because there’s no music... and there’s no music because you’re all in an elevator... break this contraption out. Just hook it up to your iPhone/iPad, open up a playlist and start scratching, cross-fading and hitting whatever button makes the foghorn-y sound. Strangers love this.

Also, keep this thing handy anytime you’re by a pool, BBQ or patio affair that could be exponentially improved with a spontaneous mashup of “Call Me Maybe/Call Me Al.” Work your magic, whip the crowd into a frenzy and then hit the record button (yes, this thing has a record button). Boom: demo tape.

And boom: you’re opening for Bieber.

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