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A Stranger to Handwrite Your Emails

None The art of seduction.

It takes flowers. Candles. Barry White. Dark chocolates. Mood lighting. A dramatic reading of Fifty Shades of Grey. A French accent. Some wine. Some oysters. A whole slew of massage oils. And a lusty, heartfelt, handwritten note.

Yeah, that’s way too much work.

So here are two random guys in Philly to help...

With the handwritten-note part.

Introducing Epistly, a service that converts your typed messages into painstakingly personalized notes, available now.

Imagine email. Only more meaningful. And more handwritten. And delivered, like, 900 times slower.

Which means, clearly, you’ll want to reserve this for special occasions. So yes to “steamy correspondences with that museum curator you met in Italy.” And no to “your electric bill.”

The setup is all pretty basic. You’ll go to this site. You’ll type your message/sonnet/lyrics to Peter Gabriel’s 1986 smash hit “In Your Eyes” into the text box. Then, enter the recipient’s name and address. Your work is done.

From there, a couple of guys with impeccable penmanship will carefully transcribe your letter and send it. But not before taking a photo of the final product and emailing it over to you for final approval.

Make sure they got your lowercase J right.

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