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A Giant Patio, Steak and Shots on Tap

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It’s been a fruitful summer already: virgin patios on which to sit, cocktails on tap, new sources of red meat.

So it was only natural that someone came along and put all of those together.

So say hello to Del Frisco’s Grille, taking reservations beginning tomorrow for a July 14 opening.

This is a Dallas-based operation, but unlike other Dallas-based operations, you’ll be happy to see this one: a giant playground of glass-encased wine racks, a three-sided bar tiled with pennies and a system of lights on the ceiling that’s modeled after the avenues and traffic circles of DC.

As befitting this place’s size, you’ll find a tiny nook (or a gargantuan patio) for just about any situation.

For power lunching, you’ll want to request the round booths tucked into the corners and get to impressing your next client over Virginia oysters and prime Delmonico steaks.

But you’ll be back after work to commandeer one of the outdoor booths on the sidewalk patio, complete with giant sails for shade and a misting system that’s said to lower the temperature by 15 degrees. Also lowering your temperature: shots on tap, like the Honey Badger (Tuaca, pineapple).

And come winter, you’ll want to hole up with a big celebration in the private dining room, surrounded by 5,000 bottles of wine.

Which ought to get you through the oyster course.

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