Things to do for July 05, 2012

The Weekender

Patrick Swayze, Old-Timey Baseball and Popsicles

The weekend is finding it hard to concentrate.

Radio’s Car Talk. Now on Stage.

Radio’s <em>Car Talk</em>. Now on Stage.

When you heard last month that the NPR radio show Car Talk was ending after 25 years, it felt like a piece of you was dying. Luckily, someone has gone and made a musical based on the legendary program, and it’s playing in Cambridge. Yes, cars play a factor.

Your New 8am Juice Bar

Your New 8am Juice Bar

Mornings can be tough. Helping you conquer them: fresh banana, apple cider, spinach and cucumber smoothies. With bee pollen. From a new juice spot on Dartmouth called, of all things, Juice. Remember, heavy bee pollen makes you irresistible to flowers.

Now open, 6am-8pm, Juice, 145 Dartmouth St, 617-248-5828

Prosecco Consumption. With Popsicles.

Prosecco Consumption. With Popsicles.

The summertime drinking go-to: a cold beer. But if you’re looking to change it up, check out the Slippery When Wet, essentially a wheatgrass-infused blueberry, peach or raspberry popsicle bathing in a glass of chilled prosecco, which you can now grab at Emerald Lounge. Bubbly is always better with popsicles.

Watching a Baseball Game from 1860

Watching a Baseball Game from 1860

There’s just something about the Harbor Islands that screams “baseball game.” Well, good news: there’s one happening on Sunday, and it’ll be played as the game was in the mid-19th century, with era-correct rules and uniforms. Feel free to tell them who wins the 1860 election (yes, it was Lincoln).

Jul 8, 11:30am-3pm, no cost, Fort Warren, Georges Island, 617-223-8666, more info here

The Perfection That Is Point Break

The Perfection That Is <em>Point Break</em>

There are classics, and there are classics. Case in point: Swayze and Reeves in the 1991 epic Point Break, being screened at the Regal Beagle on Monday, with Johnny Utah–themed tiki drinks (think: 23-year aged rum, absinthe and brandy) served in vintage barware. Sadly, they don’t come with a Nixon mask.

Jul 9, 10pm, no cost (cash bar), The Regal Beagle, 308 Harvard St, Brookline, 617-739-5151

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