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Turning a Profit from Your iPhone Photos

None Your iPhone photos.

In a word: impressive.

In another word: fascinating.

In several other words that may not make any sense to you for the next three seconds: your new source of income.

Introducing Foap, an app that turns your phone’s pictures into book covers, magazine ads, commercials and profit, available now.

People need photos. For websites. For ads. For whatever. And you take photos. Lots of them. Mostly of cheeseburgers. But still. That’s where this thing comes in (demand, meet supply).

Once you’ve got the app, simply snap a picture and upload it to the Foap Market. There, now it’s available for public ogling. Also, for commercial and editorial purchase.

See, if someone (or some company) likes your pictures, they can buy it to use as a stock photo. Boom: you’re $5 richer. And each time it’s purchased again—say, for a spread in the special August double issue of Folks Drinking Cold Beer in a Backyard Illustrated—that’s another five bucks in your pocket.

As for what to do with the tidy little profit (besides cashing it out): well, you can search the app by keyword to find pictures of other people/things/bald eagles moonwalking to spend it on. Or you can hold on to all your cash and save it.

You know, in the event Kate Upton ever downloads the thing.

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