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Italian Suits on a Rush Street Rooftop

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The best things in life are worth waiting for.

But then again...

It doesn’t hurt to have a team of tailors, seamstresses and stylists on speed dial—you know, in case you need to pick up custom Italian suits during your lunch break.

Welcome to Suitsupply, a European import opening today in a Gold Coast penthouse, ready to give the term “quick-change artist” some sartorial credibility.

Imagine you’ve spent Saturday spiking your way to victory on North Avenue Beach all afternoon. Why you wore a white linen suit, you’ll never know. No time for regrets: you’ve got a wedding reception at 7pm and that Tom Wolfe look you were going for is totally kaput.

So, swing by here. First, a dapper gentleman well versed in these situations will nod knowingly and escort you into an elevator. You’ll be whisked up into a space decked out in bold primary colors and walls of black dots—essentially a Roy Lichtenstein with more Italian fabric.

Next, a stylist will introduce you to some suiting options, acquaint you with some ties, and put you on a first-name basis with fancy shoes, socks and belts. A flurry of measurements—and a couple of cold beers on their garden terrace overlooking Rush Street—later, your suit is ready for you.

But please. Finish your beer.


945 N Rush St, Penthouse
Chicago, IL, 60611


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