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Notes on the Scene at the New Bagatelle Brunch

None 6 Photos Bagatelle
None 6 Photos Bagatelle
Banquette armies. Tons of white. Mood-lit ceilings. European-ness. Orange humans. Abundant décolletage. Sequined American flags. The high-pitched squeal of the PR-tariat. Shoulder-mounted magnums. Sparklers. Sheer dresses. Tiny caviar piles. Guys with pressed mohawks... in five-inch stilettos.

As you’ve no doubt deduced, we went ahead and checked out the scene at the newly relaunched Bagatelle and its Ringling Bros. extravaganza of a brunch. It’s a righteously glorious mess, so dive into the fray armed with this knowledge...

It doesn’t pay to be a wallflower. Things will get rowdy when you stand up on your chair and say that it’s time to get rowdy.

Or when the guy in white jeans, sunglasses and a 5 o’clock shadow licking the air says so. Either way.

But as history suggests, the magic hour is 3pm. This is when the restlessness starts. The “Call Me Maybe” mashup gets louder. You realize you too are standing on your chair. Superman is unleashed. Oh, yeah...

They’ve retained champagne-dispensing Superman. With white tablecloth cape and all. The lights go out. The theme song: played. Sparklers ignite. It’s nothing short of inspirational. Surreal and inspirational.

There’s food. But keep it simple. Caramelized grapefruit and charcuterie boards all the way.

The crowd is... expected. The women are young and sun-kissed. The men are slightly older and European. The Zac Efrons are... possibly in that back corner over there.


1 Little W 12th St
(at 9th Ave)
New York, NY, 10014


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