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A Downtown Dining Spot for Business. And Pleasure.

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Here’s the thing about whiskey.

It makes everything better.

Business meetings. Second dates. Tuesdays. Watching competitive cycling. Sundays. Fourth dates. Sudoku. Holidays. Perfect Strangers reruns. Cigars. Lunches. Suppers. Luppers...

Here’s the thing about White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails: it’s got whiskey.

Also, it’s a ridiculously roomy spot that’s bound to be your next multiuse downtown hub, and it’s slated to open next week on Peachtree.

If you look up “business lunch” or “date spot” in the dictionary, you’ll find... nothing. They’re not in the dictionary. But say they were. Well, then, you’d find a picture of this place. It’s got multiple private dining rooms, 20-foot floor-to-ceiling windows, and stacked everywhere: wooden barrels. The kind that were made for aging/storing bourbon. The kind that you’re about to crack open.

So, mid-to-late day. Take some clients here for lengthy, scotch-soaked negotiations (the best kind). Later that day, bring the Turkish librarian (you know, from the library) here for dinner. Settle in under some chandeliers of cross-layered blocks (yes, exactly like Jenga). Order a beverage to toast. Then, a staple of Southern game to eat.

As for that menu: right now, they’re being pretty cagey about it. But if we were you, we’d prepare for things like fried chicken marinated in caramel and wild-boar pastrami clubs.

Also, if we were you, we’d grow a ponytail.


White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails
270 Peachtree St
Atlanta, GA, 30303


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