Things to do for June 28, 2012

The Weekender

Godzilla, Annie Leibovitz and Crazy Sailboats

The weekend’s cell phone pictures are professionally lit.

The Visual Splendor of Annie Leibovitz

The Visual Splendor of Annie Leibovitz

Rolling Stone. Vanity Fair. Concord, MA. What they have in common: they’ve all featured the photos of Annie Leibovitz, now that her new exhibition, Pilgrimage, opens today at the Concord Museum. You’ll see the homes of Pete Seeger and Eleanor Roosevelt, plus Gettysburg and Old Faithful. No, Mick Jagger won’t be there.

Jun 28-Sep 23, 9am-5pm, $10, Concord Museum, 53 Cambridge Tpke, Concord, 978-369-9763

Classic British Meat Pies. On ACK.

Classic British Meat Pies. On ACK.

If you’ve ever craved the UK version of a calzone, you’re in luck. A tiny, fast-serve joint doling out authentic British-style pastries (think: lamb shepherd’s pie, chicken curry, ham and gruyère) has just opened on the strip for those unusually frequent meat pie yearnings. Which come just before the meat sweats.

Crazy Sailing. Along the Harbor.

Crazy Sailing. Along the Harbor.

Sadly, you missed the entry cutoff for tossing your super-custom, F-18-engine-powered catamaran in the Extreme Sailing Series. Thus, you can just go down to Fan Pier to catch several days of races (think: eight races per day) during its Boston stop from Saturday to the Fourth. Try not to shout tips from the shore.

Jun 30-Jul 4, 2-5pm, no cost, Boston Harborfest, all along Boston Harbor and Fan Pier

Endless Chowder. For 7 Hours. For $13.

Endless Chowder. For 7 Hours. For $13.

After last year’s Chowderfest ended, you became sad. But then you remembered it’s an annual thing. And then you became happy again. Which gets us to Sunday’s afternoon of all-you-can-eat chowder from purveyors like Nix’s Mate, Scholars and Ipswich Clambake Company. Our record: 18 bowls. Consider that a challenge.

Watching Godzilla as Japan Intended

Watching <i>Godzilla</i> as Japan Intended

You’ve seen the American cut of 1954’s Godzilla. But if you’ve never watched the original, moodier Japanese cut, complete with heavier warnings of the evils of nuclear weapons, you can catch it on Monday. It even has the original restored Japanese score. Expect a little crazy.

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