Good Vibrations

Perfecting Your Golf Swing by Way of Taser

None So, about your golf swing...

It’s not your fault.

It’s your club’s fault.

The thing should have given some sort of indication you were going to hook that shot on 17.

But no, nothing. No sign. No heads-up. No tasing...

The fix: SwingPerfect, a low-profile club attachment that helps you self-correct your swing/cheat at golf by sending out a vibration every time you’re about to mishit the ball, available now.

This thing: it’s the size of a computer mouse, it hooks onto your driver, and it functions like a sadomasochistic torture device... that analyzes your swing in real time and vibrates if you’re about to slice an approach shot.

The key here is muscle memory. Think Pavlov and his bell, but, you know, with golf. Every time your backswing is off by even an inch, you’ll feel a zap. Do this enough times, and your body will instinctively stop shanking shots. Also, your eyeballs will start conducting electricity.

So, order this. But be stealthy about it. It’s not exactly PGA Tour–approved. And we can’t imagine your regular foursome would be too thrilled finding out about your latest club enhancement.

Especially Davis Love III. Stickler, that guy.

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