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You can use statistics to prove just about anything. Up to and including where you should seek out your next heaping plate of BBQ. Hence, we bring you this data-rich look at Kangaroo Boxing Club, Columbia Heights’ new, old-timey-looking, BBQ-obsessed neighborhood tavern from the guys behind the PORC truck, opening today:

Year you might think it is when you walk in: 1933
Approximate age, in years, of the fireplace mantel they turned into a bar: 80
Giant black-and-white photos showing, among other things, an early Senate subway and half-built Washington Monument: 6
Number of drunken, late-night conversations that resulted in the name: 1
Number of kangaroos you’ll actually have to box: 0
Number of kangaroos you can eat: also 0
Hours the pulled pork is smoked over hickory and applewood: 16
Number of napkins you’ll need for the smoked Angus sloppy joe: 16
Classic BBQ sides, like gorgonzola mac and cheese and johnnycakes with maple butter: 6
Gallon-sized jars you’ll see above the bar containing liquor infusions like cinnamon and banana in whiskey: 5
Desserts inspired by classic cocktails: 1 (the Margarita Pie, like a key lime pie with tequila)
Number of friends you can fit on the sidewalk-café church pews for your annual Wimbledon fantasy draft: 12
Ounces of malt liquor in the cans of Olde English 800 you’ll be able to order up: 12
Funny looks you’ll get for drinking malt liquor on the sidewalk: unlimited

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