Road Movie

Recording Your Road Trip as It Happens

None Great road trip movies:

Easy Rider. Smokey and the Bandit. Midnight Run.

And of course: the one you have in production.

Or rather, will have in production, as soon as you set out on the open road with The Roadtrip Video Recorder, available now.

This is the easiest way we’ve seen to document your exploits along I-70 this summer. You’ll mount this little contraption (it’s about the size of a radar detector) on your windshield and let it start capturing 120 degrees of asphalt and beyond (and by beyond, we mean Nebraska).

This thing records up to three hours, and you can set it to start filming whenever the car moves, but you may want to flip it on only for the important bits: majestic vistas, giant balls of twine, the people from The Hills Have Eyes on the side of the road. (In fact, better zoom in for that.)

After the sun goes down, you can still log any rest-area hijinks via the camera’s four infrared sensors. And it will pick up audio as well, so be sure to lay down some of your sonorous voiceover work, as well as a choice soundtrack (when in doubt, go Tom Cochrane).

From there, you just need to import the AVI files, edit them into a sweeping narrative and submit them to Sundance.

Or the National Archives.

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