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Some of the Rarest Alcohol on the Planet

None We’ll keep this simple.

You’re about to gain access to some very rare alcohol.

The kind of stuff that’s here today and gone tomorrow. Secret hooch being churned out in dark alleys. Handcrafted gin distilled from pegasus manes and baby laughter.

Actually, let’s just stick with rare.

Prepare your iron constitution for Caskers, an online back bar of ever-rotating, super-rare quaffables that you won’t find anywhere else, available now.

Again, simple, really. You’ve got a wet bar at your place. Maybe more than one wet bar. And those wet bars have needs. Desires. And, generally speaking, they have neither the time nor patience to deal with swill.

And that’s where this stuff comes in.

Stuff like Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whiskey, the first and only blue corn whiskey ever produced. Ever. And gin distilled in a 25-foot-tall copper pot in San Francisco using snow meltwater from the Sierra Nevadas.

Every week or so, two to three new bottles will pop up on the site (they’ll also have “tasting bottles” soon so you can sample everything before pulling the trigger). If you happen to catch them, great. If not, they’re gone for good.

Best to strike while the blue corn whiskey’s hot.
Note: <a href="" target="_blank">Caskers</a>, available now, use invite code “URBANDADDY” to access the site

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