Gin Palace

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A Leathered-Up Dungeon of Gin in the East Village

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Sometimes a name really tells you all you need to know.

Ham sandwich. Supercar. Beer hall. House of cards.

Wait, here’s a way more magnificent example...

It’s called Gin Palace, and it’s a darkened chamber of juniper-infused refreshment from the Death + Company guys, opening tomorrow in the East Village.

First: these Death + Company guys—they just never stop. This is their latest in what is obviously some sort of maniacal quest for total single-alcohol-obsessed drinking domination. Twenty varieties of gin in 15 cocktails, including a ginger, yucca and lemon number called the Uzi Tenenbaum.

And that’s why you’re here—gin, in all its many splendors. The laws of science have bent to your will to put a Ramos fizz and all eight of its ingredients on tap (also, gin and tonic on tap, and however many ingredients are in that). So you’ll start there and work your way up to heavier cocktails and maybe some currywurst or a Scotch egg to fortify.

Your best move is staking out one of the black tufted-leather benches (and stake the hell out of it—there’s no Death + Company–style door policy here) and marveling at that neon-and-mirror-balled light sculpture/chandelier while the gin goes to work. In case there’s some confusion, it’s the one in the floor-to-ceiling cage.

It symbolizes man’s relationship to gin.


Gin Palace
95 Ave A
(at 6th St)
New York, NY, 10009


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