To Have and to Fold

A Fully Foldable Camping Kitchen

None Hey, do us a favor.

Find a piece of paper. Fold it up a few times.

Okay, great.

Next, find a kitchen. Fold that up a few times.

Now, look at us like we’re crazy.

Then, continue reading...

Introducing My Camp Kitchen, a full-service kitchen that miraculously folds up like a piece of origami, available now for your outdoor-dining pleasure.

Thanks, culinary-inclined aerospace engineer guy. It’s because of you that we can now cook a steak on a stove. And then take that stove, fold it up 40 times and stuff it into a handsome, easy-to-carry wooden crate.

Yes, this thing needs to be coming with you on your next camping expedition in West Texas (or W’s backyard). After your hiking, after your fishing, when you’d normally put a hot dog on a stick and roast it, you’ll instead unleash this.

To set it up: unlatch the case’s brass hinges, lock in the 36-inch-high countertops, unfold the hardwood cabinets and arrange the spice rack (damn right this thing’s got Herbes de Provence).

And if you need additional supplies for your crazy folding cooking space, well, they’ve got those, too. Things like wine glasses or coffee pots or tongs or whisks or a single-burner stove or...

Roughing it: suddenly a lot less rough.

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