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A Brownie Emporium in Beverly Hills

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Consider the brownie.

There’s nothing all that profound to consider here—it’s just that brownies are really good. You kind of want one. And the city is incomprehensibly shy on all-brownie emporiums.

Or was...

Take a look at Beverly Hills Brownie Company, a fancy little shop filled with endless squares of rich, rich chocolate, now open on Beverly Drive.

You’ll find it under a big crystal chandelier—yes, this is a brownie shop; yes, you’re in Beverly Hills. It’s a bright little bakery where pretty much everything is impossibly white, like it just got its SAG card on a toothpaste commercial.

Everything, that is, except for all those brownies behind the counter. They’re made individually here, so each square of decadent chocolate has a crisp crust all around the edges. And, well, “gooey” would not be a terrible word to describe the delicious center.

They’ve got chocolate. They’ve got Andes mint. They’ve got red velvet, poppy seed and vanilla—but most important of all is the Black-Out, with semisweet, bittersweet and milk chocolate... and chocolate frosting. The options change, but generally you can plan on hitting this spot whenever you need a big box’s worth of appreciation directed your way at an afternoon meeting.

If you plan on sharing.


Beverly Hills Brownie Company
315 N Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA, 90210


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