Bud Light

A Personal Trainer. In Your Pocket.

None Schwarzenegger.


Those guys who throw anvils for sport on ESPN2.

Your phone.

One of them is about to become your new personal trainer.

(Hint: it’s the one that fits in your pocket.)

Meet Fitness Buddy, the most physically fit app ever created, available now for iPhone and Android.

What makes this different from every other workout app: options. 1,700 of them. If it’s an exercise and it exists, and it doesn’t involve a made-for-TV product from Suzanne Somers, it’s in here. With an HD video demonstration.

So say you’re at the gym, and you want to know 400 different ways to properly lift a kettlebell: check out your phone. Or say you’re interested in starting a new workout routine that specifically focuses on your delts: check out your phone (but promise you’ll never say “delts” again).

And if you should happen to stumble upon the next great workout while whaling away on your glutes, great. You can always create and upload routines of your own to the Fitness Buddy database. You = the next Tony Little.

Minus the insane ponytail.

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