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Umami Burger Releases Its Secret Sauce

None There’s a place.

A magical place where the burgers are sprinkled with fairy dust.

A place where ravenous hordes wait in never-ending lines to experience something known as the elusive “fifth taste.”

A place called Umami Burger.

And unless you live in California... you can’t have any.

Just kidding, you totally can.

Because now there’s the Umami Shop, your first chance to have the famed LA burger joint’s special sauces, rubs, sprays and (we assume) unicorn tears—basically, everything but the burgers themselves—dropped off at your door, available online now.

Seriously, though, this place is just shy of golden-calf status out west. And considering your grill is just sitting there waiting for someone to throw a pile of meat on it, it’s a good thing the Umami-y powers that be have finally decided to let you do it right.

To that end, here’s what you’ll do: go online and get two of everything.

More specifically, some Umami Master Sauce (a tricked-out soy sauce that they use on their burgers) for any rib-eye-related scenarios, a little Umami Dust (basically pulverized mushrooms) to sprinkle over your kebab and a bottle of Umami Spray (think water, but with more kombu, plant and seafood-y-ness) to douse anything edible with.

You can even pick up a bottle of ketchup while you’re at it. Special ketchup. Made with special tomatoes. And truffles.

And magic. Probably some magic as well.

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