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Today, a s**tload of meat.

Actually, in all fairness, it’s probably more like a metric f**king ton of meat.

Point is, if you don’t like steak, avert your eyes.

And if you do like steak, prepare to eat, drink and bathe in the stuff.

Or, you know, just eat the stuff...

Introducing ACME F&B, a rustic dining hall that’s sourcing and serving whole pigs, whole cows and a whole lot of other chops, opening tomorrow in the old Cretia’s space.

This comes to you from the ladies behind Barcadia and Good 2 Go Taco (you may remember their chicken-and-waffle tacos). And the look, well, it’s a bit like a steakhouse crossed with Wyatt Earp’s favorite saloon. Rusty-barrel fireplaces. Chicken-wire wine rooms. Vintage Acme beer cans all over the wall (there might be 99, we lost count).

But in the kitchen, totally different story. It’s basically a cutting-edge culinary laboratory in there. A space where they’re bringing in entire cows/rabbits/hogs and doing Nobel-worthy butchering work. Essentially, if it’s a head, a toe or anything in between, you can ask to eat it.

So this weekend, grab a companion who’s not afraid of experimenting (with food... we’re still talking about food) and slide into the only corner banquette in the place. Then, just ask for something medium rare. Anything medium rare. Oh, and one of the 24 tap beers.

Or a salad.


4900 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX, 75205


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