Yumbii and Cafe at Pharr Pop-Up

Pharr Out

A Street-Food Pop-Up in Atlantic Station

Today, we’re regaling you with a love story.

Think Harold and Maude, but with burritos.

See, it involves an older café and a younger food truck that really hit it off.

So well, in fact, that they’re moving in together to see how it goes...

Meet the Yumbii and Cafe at Pharr Pop-Up, a clever two-pop-ups-in-one scenario that’s putting a food truck and a restaurant under the same roof, opening next week through at least August 5 in Atlantic Station.

Yes, someone’s finally merged the pop-up/food truck/food truck turned brick and mortar crazes all into one. The result: an eatery that feels like an airy apartment... that’s serving street food. The focal point: a curved, dark-wood bar with a back window that looks into another room. Inside: where they’ll set up a stage and soundproof curtains for the occasional stand-up show (okay, you didn’t see that one coming).

But more than likely, you’re coming here solely for lunch. And ideally, you’re doing it on a day when you’re starving. See, the menu: it’s robust. Also, it’s double-sided. So if you’re planning on sampling the best that Yumbii and Pharr each have to offer (spicy pulled-pork burritos and curry chicken salad sandwiches), start fasting now.

Or don’t. We really don’t care.


Yumbii and Cafe at Pharr Pop-Up
265 18th St NW
Atlanta, GA, 30363

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