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If you love something, set it free.

That goes double for whiskey and pork.

Presenting The Spence, an outside-the-box-thinking date spot that’s freed its cocktails from the shackles of a bar and its pig from the confines of a kitchen, now open in Midtown.

So, yes, this whole place, a tad unorthodox. A tad ambitious. In other words, you’re going to need instructions. Hence, the 140 or so words that follow...

Here’s the Thing About the Bar
If you’re looking for it, don’t. There isn’t one. Instead, there’s a tiny island block set up next to two communal 10-tops. They’ve got all the cocktail essentials condensed back there. Including (but not limited to) grapefruit-infused Sazeracs with absinthe sugar cubes.

So You Want an Entire Pig for Your Entrée
To the left of the entrance: a kitchen. In two parts. Concern yourself with the chef’s table. Behind it: a 2,500-pound English furnace, a man named Richard Blais and a whole pig. You can reserve the entire hog for dinner. Yes, you’re about to find out why your table comes equipped with a cutting board.

A Little Privacy, Please
The most secluded spot in the whole place: a plaid-curtain-portioned dining area with space for 30. Or two and an asinine amount of legroom.

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