Quantum Leap

Controlling Your Computer Like It’s 2054

None Minority Report.

What a great movie.

Actually, that’s not true. It was kind of long.

But one cool part in it was the idea that you could control your computer simply by waving your hands.

Prepare for a world where this really exists.

Introducing Leap, a tiny gizmo that turns your flailing hands into a mouse, available now for preorder.

So yeah, this is just like that system Tom Cruise used in Minority Report to interface with the pre-crime data (trio of pool-dwelling psychics not included). Only instead of using it to track down would-be murderers, you’ll use it to... well, do anything you want on your computer without touching it (note: you can still use it to track down would-be murderers... it’s your life).

Now, this thing won’t ship until December. But once it does, you’ll simply plug it into your USB and calibrate it to how your hands move over the LED pad. You’ll also be happy to know that it’s 100 times more accurate than current motion-sensing technology.

You can even customize it to respond to your own unique hand movements.

You’ve always wanted to unlock your computer using the Three Amigos greeting.

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