Whistling Dixie

A Taste of the South in the Presidio

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The Presidio: known as a military base and a home for great art. (Assuming you count Madden NFL 13 as great art.)

The South: known for great manners, great food and not being in the Presidio...

... Until now.

Welcome Dixie, a smart new eatery bringing Southern hospitality to the Presidio, officially opening Tuesday.

This is when you’ll come here...

The all-important third date: Just before sunset, head to the outdoor patio for a few bottles of vino and great views of the Palace of Fine Arts. If it’s chilly out, there’s an enclosed area with lots of windows that’s meant to feel like a patio in New Orleans. (A splash of Pappy Van Winkle will help you properly channel N’awlins.)

A pitch session with EA Sports: Head to the dining room for a two-course fixed menu, where you’ll choose from four apps and four mains (lamb tartare, chicken-fried quail, etc.). There’s also a full bar to help you seal the deal on Synchronized Swimming 2012. (Hey, if it’s in the game, it’s in the game.)

An evening of full-on indulgence: Order the seven-course tasting menu, and the chef will invite you and your date into the kitchen to eat one of said courses. Think: beef from a whole Wagyu cow, delivered monthly from Skywalker Ranch—including a rib eye (Mr. Lucas’s favorite).

Please don’t pretend your knife is a lightsaber.


1 Letterman Dr
(at Lombard)
San Francisco, CA, 94129


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