Hoo Is It

A Rearview Camera for Your Bike

None Let’s talk about your bike.

You know the one. Real sweet ride.

Eleven speeds. Heated tandem seats. Has a bell that plays “Carry On Wayward Son” every time you ring it.

There’s nothing that thing can’t do.

Well, except broadcast closed-circuit television.

Oh, about that...

Introducing The Owl 360, a rearview camera and color LCD screen that attach to your bike and stream live video, available now.

If Lance Armstrong and James Cameron came together for a rogue brainstorming session (it could happen), the result would be... a two-and-a-half-hour, special-effects-heavy 3D movie about rubber bracelets. Also, this: a bike camera that gives you eyes in the back of your head.

Basically, this is a video system with two parts. Attached to your seat: a weather-resistant camera with a 75-degree tilting lens that films everything in your wake. Attached to your handlebars: an LCD color monitor showing a live feed of what’s going on behind you. No, it doesn’t get cable.

So let’s say you’re training for a little race across France/McKinney Avenue this summer. You’ll screw this thing onto your bike, start peddling and use the camera to make sure the coast is clear and nobody is trying to pass on your left.

Also, to see what the view from second place looks like.

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