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Smithfield, by the Numbers

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Quietly, covertly, with the utmost delicacy, a massive tri-level sports bar and tavern has flung open its doors in Chelsea. Its aim: to be your go-to for everything from Buffalo-winged soccer hooliganism to rare scotch tastings at a dedicated whiskey bar. Before you, a numerical look at Smithfield.

3: Floors. One for sports (they favor fútbol here) and chicken and waffles. One slightly more drink-oriented. And...

1: Of those floors has a name. It’s called the Wallace Room (after the Braveheart guy)—a semiprivate mezzanine decked in leather couches and gravitas-enhancing club chairs. Also: a private bar.

30: Beers that’ll be on tap for Rangers-Devils Game 5.

1: Times the tap line got held up in customs on suspicions that it was a missile.

300: Age, in years, of the wood the second-floor bar is made of.

10am: Time you’re free to imbibe on a weekday (God bless European soccer-league start times).

2: Retired whiskey casks industriously used as tables.

6: Burgers on the menu.

1: That’s topped with candied foie gras and truffles.

2: Antique fireplaces on the second floor.

0: Working antique fireplaces on the second floor (there is a cigar veranda, so you can forgive this).

64: Ounces of beer you’ll soon be able to take home in a growler from the place.

1: Oddly difficult-to-spot corner containing a tufted leather chair large enough for you and... a friend.

FIT is right across the street. Just saying.

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