Message on a Bottle

Hand-Etched Notes... on a Beer Glass

None John Cusack had it right.

It’s not the message that matters. It’s the delivery.

For him, it was the old “boom box over the head in the front yard” approach.

But for you, we’re thinking something a bit different. A bit more refined.

Like a strongly worded, hand-etched missive on a pint glass...

Introducing Vinegar & Brown Paper, a UK-based design outfit that’s willing to tattoo anything (and we mean anything) onto some barware, accepting email orders now.

Meet Andy Poplar. He lives in Yorkshire, has infallible penmanship and is the one-man sketch artist behind these highballs (or tankards, or mugs, or... you get the picture).

You want to become email pals with Andy because, let’s face it, you’re a fellow of few words. Always have been. You prefer to let your glassware do your talking for you. Also, a hand-etched beer mug is more your speed than a personalized throw pillow.

Simply peruse the site until something jumps out at you. Maybe it’s the periodic lab flask with C2H6O inscribed on it (for storing your finer scotches, obviously). Or the pint glass that permanently reads “Half Full.”

Of course, if you can’t find anything that quite captures your feeling at this very moment, that’s okay. You can send Andy any item and he’ll emblazon it with anything you want.

And that’s the story of the last time you ever used a Post-it.

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