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Making Sense of Your Twitter Feed

None Let’s talk Twitter, the good and the bad.

The good: finding out that the Schwarzenegger-Ventura third-party ticket is becoming a reality, and that ZZ Top will be backing Cee Lo on his next tour. (It could happen.)

The bad: finding out that your neighbor prefers apple butter on his bagels.

What you need: a way to let the actually important stuff shine through.

Something like Thirst, a new app that groups tweets into topics you care about, available now for iPad and coming soon for iPhone.

Think of this as a way to organize your Twitter feed like sections of a newspaper—if you defined the sections.

Step one: pick your topics, which could be based on just about anything. Like maybe: “Stephen Strasburg, Indiana senate race, Carlyle Group, Kate Upton, pie.”

Step two: log in and you’ll see all your categories as windows. Tap on one to pull up all the tweets that the app IDs as belonging in that topic, as well as relevant news stories.

And if you’ve been unplugged in the Mojave Desert for a while and you’d like to get a macro picture, just click on the “trending” tab to see what’s going on.

Note: Zuckerberg is never not trending.

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