Sea Change

A Ridiculously Good Underwater Camera

None Your summer travel checklist: getting there.

Seersucker Speedo: secured. Tickets to Guam: got.

All you need now is a working pair of flippers and the technology to present your underwater antics with the blockbuster polish they deserve...

Presenting GoPro Dive, a new waterproof camera casing that helps you capture your deep-sea dives in all their big-screen-worthy splendor, available now.

You’ve perhaps seen the high-def action camera known as GoPro—possibly while it was clipped to the helmets of skydivers, astronauts and/or NFL quarterbacks in training camp. You’ll notice all these people had one thing in common: they were on dry land.

That’s where this thing comes in. It’s an airtight case that keeps the camera dry at depths up to 160 feet. If James Cameron were to direct your scuba trip to the Baja Peninsula (and if he wanted to stay way under budget), he’d use this.

Your only job: not drowning. After strapping this iPhone-sized device to the top of your head, you’ll capture groundbreaking material just by looking at it. Meaning you’ll return from your travels with a precise document of your encounters—ghost ships, the glimmer of lost cities, mermaids in distress—all in MP4 format ready for “best documentary” consideration.

You always knew you and Cousteau had something in common.

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