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A World’s Worth of Street Food on Henderson

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The United Nations.

Wonderful organization.

Tremendous staff of translators.

If you’re looking for some international diplomacy, they’re your guys.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a new dinner spot, they’re your guys, too.

Presenting Snack, a glorious assemblage of global street fare from the folks behind Nosh, opening Tuesday.

Here’s what happens when you collect the greatest street-cart foods in the world (think Thai crab puffs, pork shumai dumplings) and some oysters, and place them under one roof. With 80 seats. And three bars. And one patio.

It’s all going down in the former Horne & Dekker spot (yes, the old astroturf wall is gone). What’s new: a mustard-yellow paint job. Also, a triumvirate of bars. (Restaurant rule #148: two bars is a party, three bars is an even bigger party.)

Bar #1: Back-left corner. This is your raw bar. The play here requires you simply sit down and say three words: Bacon. Wrapped. Scallops.

Bar #2: Back-right corner. It’s got a wood-fired oven. Ideally, you’ll claim a couple stools here after an early evening at Veritas. Bring a date. Get the spicy pork sausage flatbreads. You’ll thank us.

Bar #3: Along the left wall. They keep the cocktails here. When you require something stiff (perhaps The Morning After with vodka and agave wheat), come here. Also, when you require short rib tacos, come here, too.

No, they don’t accept standing reservations.


2323 N Henderson Ave
Dallas, TX, 75206


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