Check Mate

A Streamlined App for Splitting the Check

None Dinner.

Chances are good you’ll be eating it in the next 24 hours.

Paying for dinner.

Chances are good you’ll be doing it in the next 24 hours.

Splitting the check 16 different ways and calculating the total to the nearest tenth of a decimal point without using a pen, paper and an abacus.

Chances are good that’ll never happen in your lifetime.

But just in case the situation should arise...

Introducing Billr, an iPhone app with the check-splitting prowess of 1,000 certified public accountants, available now.

Sure, you’ve test-driven similar apps before. But this one is different. Streamlined. Sexy. Like a calculator that’s mated with a leather day planner (and we mean that in the handsomest way possible).

First, you’ll need to download this. Then, eat dinner (breakfast, brunch, lunch or dessert should work perfectly fine, too). When the time comes to pay the check, you’ll break this thing out. Enter in each person’s initials. Enter in each person’s meal plus TNOSC (that’s Total Number of Scotches Consumed). Set the tip, set the tax, and congratulations, you’ve just saved yourself four minutes/the hassle of having to do long division.

And when you’re done chopping up the bill, the app can automatically send an email receipt out to each individual with their final tally.

Also, never use this thing on a date.

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