Canned Good

It’s a Can. That’s a Stove. Proceed.

None Today, a short review of great moments in canning.

1903: Tuna was first canned.

1937: Spam was canned, thus releasing that demon upon the masses. (Fun fact: it’s a delicacy in Asia.)

And now, someone has figured out a way to... wait for it... can a stove. And you won’t believe what they’re calling it.

Presenting Stove in a Can, a portable, reusable, can-sized cooking instrument, available now for your next outdoor adventure.

This is the type of thing that just might revolutionize your weekend-long hikes in the White Mountains this summer. The best part: it requires little more than a small space in your obligatory satchel (it’s not hiking unless you’ve got a satchel).

So imagine: it’s been a long day on the trails for you and Candice Swanepoel, and you need a campfire for the night. The can comes with a fuel cell, so all you’ll do is put the fuel cell in the can, light it with the included matches, and boom: you have a campfire. Which will burn for an hour on one cell.

And should you need some coffee in the morning, you’ll be happy to know that the can’s heat can boil a pot of water in five minutes.

Good thing you hike with an array of kitchenware.

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