Things to do for May 17, 2012

The Weekender

Technology That Could Change Bars Forever. Plus: A Real Pork Fest.

The weekend will see you at the finish line.

UD - Crazy British Stuff at Unionmade

Crazy British Stuff at Unionmade

So there’s this cult London-based magazine. It’s called Monocle. Put out by a band of world travelers and jetsetters who are up on, say, Belgrade’s karaoke scene. This pop-up has the mag, plus Kitsuné sweaters and Inoue Brothers travel blankets. Tonight’s festivities also involve wines from Scribe. Apt name, that.

May 17, 6:30-8:30pm; pop-up through Jul 17; Unionmade, 493 Sanchez St (at 18th), 415-861-3373

UD - Old World Food Truck at Proxy

Old World Food Truck at Proxy

Every Thursday at lunch, you can find this Eastern European/Jewish soul food truck at the Mission Dispatch. But tomorrow night, it’ll make its Off the Grid debut—serving up pierogies, schnitzel and brisket goulash. Friday night isn’t Friday night without goulash.

UD - Watching Live Feeds from Bars

Watching Live Feeds from Bars

Starting Friday, you can remotely watch live feeds from the likes of Ambassador and Taverna Aventine. Plus, thanks to facial-detection technology, you can see stats on what the crowd’s like—including the male-to-female ratio—in real time. Or you could just, you know, go there.

Launches May 18, SceneTap, various locations

UD - Marine Layer Opens on Hayes

Marine Layer Opens on Hayes

What you won’t find at Marine Layer’s second store: suits. Fancy wingtips. Seersucker Speedos. What you will: simple made-in-SF T-shirts and sweatshirts to get you through the weekend. PS—Let us know when you’re ready for that seersucker Speedo.

Opens May 19, Marine Layer, 498 Hayes St (at Octavia), 415-346-2400

UD - Endless Pork at Cochon 555

Endless Pork at Cochon 555

This traveling pork fest is returning to our fair city for a day of porcine revelry. This time, expect tasty nuggets prepped by chefs from Locanda, Jardiniere, Commonwealth, Bouche and the soon-to-open Salumeria. If you do it right, it should tide you over until next year.

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