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Your Phone, Now a Fitness Machine

None Back in the day, working out was simple.

You’d don your heaviest sweat suit, drink six raw eggs and run some stairs.

Actually, you still do that. But now, there’s a way to track your stats while you do...

Enter Wahoo Fitness, a game-changing setup that lets you seamlessly track your every jog, bike run or workout, available now.

The centerpiece of this operation: something called the Wahoo Key, a dongle you plug into the business end of your iPhone/iPod. Its job: wirelessly receiving intel about your workouts, and communicating it to your phone.

Gathering that intel is a range of tools: a strap you put on your arm to monitor your heart rate. A stride sensor: a little chip you clip onto your shoelaces that tracks how fast you’re running. And/or a bike-speed sensor, which you clip onto (you guessed it) your bike.

Once the data’s on your phone, you can integrate it with Wahoo’s app, or one of about 80 independent apps. Which means you can, say, create a map of your different biking routes, or track your calories burned over time.

It can also give custom audio alerts as you work out. So at every mile or set time interval, it’ll announce your pace, calorie burn and heart rate.

If you can hear it, your heart’s still beating.

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