Demi Monde

Demi Pro

A New FiDi Drinkery from Death + Company

You’ve always known good things come in small packages.

Like a tiny, artisanal coffee shop in the Financial District...

That’s hiding a much larger, underground cocktail lounge from the Death + Company guys.

But, you know, that’s just a general example...

Raise a highball to Demi Monde, a subsurface lair of high-minded drinking, unhinged nightlifery and caviar service hiding beneath an innocent workaday java outpost, opening this Friday for friends and family, and next Friday for everyone else.

So, Death + Company. The egalitarian imbibing spot where you’d swear you saw the guy making your French 75 fire up a blowtorch and put on a lab coat to get it right. This’ll be just like that, only bigger, and with a strong-to-certain possibility of you scoring some vermouth-pickled oysters and bacon-wrapped dates from a former Vandaag chef.

Eventually, Handsome Coffee Roasters will supply daytime caffeine out of the walk-in-closet-sized entryway. But mostly you’ll breeze through this area down the stairway for more late-nightly pursuits. You’ll emerge into a red-walled, black-leather-banquetted world of cushy, stretch-your-arms-out leisure with the distinct vibe of a place where things no one needs to know about happen (the leather is dance-on grade certified).

To your right: the VIP room (okay, this one’s less egalitarian). To your left: the bar. Off in the corner: a one-table dining room with its own prix fixe menu.

Again with the small packages.


Demi Monde
90 Broad St
(at Stone)
New York, NY, 10004

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