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The Future of Late-Night Hot Dog Joints

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Somewhere, Steve Jobs is looking down on you and smiling.

Not just because you wore your black turtleneck and jeans today.

Although he did appreciate that.

But because this evening, you’re going to eat a hot dog.

And not just any hot dog. An iPad hot dog.

Welcome to D-Dog House, a late-night, high-tech, half-crazy hot dog spot in which you order your meal by way of tablet, now open.

You’ll find this brick-lined bunker tucked across the street from Mary Brickell Village. Grab one of the booths by the fully stocked bar (they’re the ones with the flashing, multicolored LED tables) and note the shiny new iPad attached to a retractable arm. Congrats, you’ve just met your waiter.

If you’ve ever used a tablet/enjoyed a chili dog before, this should all feel like second nature. You’ll select what you want to eat (likely the nacho cheese, guacamole and jalapeño El Mexicano) via a touch-controlled menu. Then, you’ll play some Angry Birds. When your food is ready, you’ll receive an alert. Pick up your order, consume your order, and when you’re finished, swipe your credit card on the iPad.

Just wipe your hands first.

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