Vicious Cycle

A Bike That’s Built into Your Desk

None The Mayans.

As you may have heard—or seen in the moving Roland Emmerich feature film—they predicted a little apocalypse for later this year.

And hey, it may not happen. Then again, it might.

But if/when it does, you can rest easy knowing this solitary, simple fact...

There’s now a way to power your laptop with a Schwinn.

Meet WeBike, a futuristic work space with a built-in, revolutionary, energy-generating... stationary bike, available now.

At long last, someone (it was the Belgians) has figured out a way to combine sitting and working on TPS reports with cardiovascular exercise and looking ridiculous.

All you need to do: sit on this mountain bike turned cubicle, and pedal. The more you do, the more energy produced. Energy that’ll be used to run anything plugged in at your desk. Green: yes. Efficient: no. A great excuse to start wearing bike shorts to the office: certainly.

So before you order a whole fleet of these for the marketing department, you should be aware of a few things. First, you have options (mainly, color, an integrated 3G router and workstation arrangement). And second, it’s available in a handsome cedar wood-grain trim.

Like a station wagon. From 1982.

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