Hell Yeah

Introducing Hellbrand Leatherworks

None Sonofabitch.

Sorry, we had to get that out.

It’s just that, well... we came across some things recently.

Things that make you want to jump on the back of an unbroken quarter horse, ride bareback into a fireworks-testing facility and sing “Power and the Glory” through a bullhorn.

We’re talking leather here.

Just a heroic amount of American-made, apocalypse-proof leather.

Take a look at Hellbrand Leatherworks, your new munitions depot for hand-stitched wallets, Horween messenger bags and other cowhide-related essentials, available online now.

This is the story of a guy named Edward. Who met a guy named Jarvis Hellbrand. Who has the most amazing name ever. Also, who taught Edward everything he knows about the old-world techniques of turning animal hides into magnificent things that go in, on and around your body.

But most importantly, this is the story of how the next time you buy a cup of coffee, Edward doesn’t just want you to brandish a new wallet. He wants you to brandish a Chromexcel Horween leather money chalice that he handmade using techniques from 100 years ago.

Same principle applies for when you need to keep your pants from falling down (tan belts with brass buckles). Or if you need a place to store a ham sandwich and some duck calls (camo messenger bags made with boot leather). Even things to put your toothbrush in (leather fanny packs).

Kidding. It’s dopp kits.

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