Top Secret

A USB with a Monogrammed Wax Seal

None This town has plenty of secrets.

Most of them yours.

And let’s just say they’re secrets that you’d rather not be transmitting in email, uploading to clouds or printing out multiple hard copies of.

Nope, they’re the kind that you’d prefer to bury in a safe-deposit box that no one will know about until they read your will.

Better put them in something worthy of your sensitive information. Like the Top Secret USB, here to prove that love letters and bourbon aren’t the only important things sealed with wax.

Basically, this is what you’ll want to use should you come across some info on what really happened at Roswell. Or the warehouse where they put the Ark. Or just some incriminating photos from that congressional delegation to Monaco.

These little beauties are made from porcelain in the Netherlands. And before you can start using one, you’ll have to break the wax seal that joins its two halves (and yes, they’ll monogram the seal if this is a gift).

Of course, once you’ve uploaded your 2 to 8 gigs of future evidence, you may want to reseal it with your own wax (Scotch tape will work in a pinch) before stowing it away.

Note: it’s also a handy place to keep a party playlist.

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