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Just an Incredible-Sounding Alarm Clock

None Raise your hand if you woke up this morning.

Raise your hand if on a scale of 1 to 10—1 being the worst and 10 being the best—you’d rate that experience as a -7.

Now, raise your hand if you’d like to get that score up to at least a 5.

Introducing Geneva Sound System Model XS, a Swiss-made alarm clock/speaker with better acoustics than the Sydney Opera House, available now.

It’s a marvel of Swiss technology, really. Like the Rolex. Or the miniature hot chocolate marshmallow. A palm-sized speaker with recording-studio-sound quality, a built-in woofer and a snooze button that shoots out egg sandwiches... maybe. Someday. We assume the snooze button thing is in the works, but for now, just hang your hat on that woofer.

On the one hand, no human actually needs this much clock radio (80Hz of thumping bass, touchscreen controls, a 1-inch tweeter). But on the other hand, that’s the precise reason you’d want it on your desk. Or nightstand. Or to carry over your shoulder like a comically small iPhone-streaming boom box.

And because this thing is both built into its own case (think: clams) and weighs only about a pound (think: feathers... about a pound’s worth), it’s particularly handy for trips.

Less so for bicep curls.


Geneva Sound System Model XS

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