Chips Ahoy

Boat-to-Boat Food Delivery on Lake Lanier

None Meet Tony King.

He’s a fisherman.

Think Gilligan crossed with Quint from Jaws crossed with the Gorton’s fish sticks guy.

Super friendly. Loves to talk about things like the starboard side. Also, he’s about to make your summer...

By sailing a bunch of tuna steaks over to your boat.

Introducing Lanier Delivery, the first and only food delivery operation to service the waters of Lake Lanier, taking orders now for Monday to Saturday deliveries.

This is exactly like calling in for Chinese food. Except, you know, you’re on a boat. And the person delivering your food (in this case, probably sashimi-grade yellowtail loin), well, he’s also on a boat.

So say you’re out on the water. And you’re hungry. But you’re too busy living life/tubing to worry about lunch. That’s when you’ll radio this guy. Ask him what’s fresh (right this second: shell-less lobster tail) and place an order. Then, shoot up a flare. Kidding. Just relay your GPS coordinates.

On the double, Tony will come sailing over (look for a boat named Full Moon Sundays). Aboard: your haul. Vacuum-sealed and ready to be thrown on the nearest grill.

Of course, there’s one more thing you should know about Tony. If he likes you, and he trusts you, he’ll take special delivery requests. Ice from the store. A special cut of lamb from the butcher. Forty-seven wakeboards.

Yes, it’s going to be one of those summers.


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