Remixing the News Online

None Lots to accomplish before the day’s end.

Cleaning out your inbox. Making calls. Figuring out who took your stapler (note: it wasn’t us).

All of which will unfortunately have to wait until Thursday, because you’re about to blow a lot of precious time online (more so than usual).

Presenting NewsJack, a just-launched-out-of-MIT and totally unnecessary website for remixing and rewriting news headlines, online now.

Think of this as the closest you’ll ever come to crafting brilliantly subversive satirical news headlines for The Onion, by way of remixing the text of the actual websites of your choice (yes, we’re pretty sure this is legal).

Which means now when you’re at your desk, coffee in hand, and scrolling through your morning go-to news sites (MSNBC, Fox News, Perez Hilton), you’ll use this to infuse your own skewed perspective on things. Simply pull up NewsJack, enter in a website address and start replacing photos, rewriting headlines and totally changing article blurbs to say whatever you like. All while keeping the font and layout of the page the same (take that, Arianna Huffington).

When you’re done, click the publish button to share your editorial genius via Facebook and Twitter—or just send the URL to anyone else you’d like to amuse.

Pranking Grandma just hit the next level.

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