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A Customized Croquet Set from Across the Pond

None The future.

If you believe the movies, it’ll have televised human hunting.

If you believe the Mayans, it’ll not exist.

And if you trust the English, it’ll look exactly the same as it did 156 years ago.

At least as far as your lawn games are concerned.

Introducing the Croquet Association Set, a bunch of London-approved traditional croquet parts that’ll keep your next yard party extra classy (well, as classy as a yard party with Super Soakers retrofitted for champagne spewing can be), available now.

You know croquet. It’s that lawn game that requires minimal attention, minimal movement and a bunch of mallets. Great sport. Seems like the kind of thing worth going pro in. Or, at the very least, buying a bunch of championship-grade equipment for.

The set we have in mind: an incredibly British wooden box that comes packed with composite balls, technical pegs, wickets and four three-pound mallets that you’ll get to fully customize (you’re very particular about your handgrips) and have your name stamped in gold on. Yes, this makes them a collector’s item.

Then, when the northeasterly tourists arrive in Piedmont Park this summer, you’ll be waiting with this stuff all set up in the shade. Hustle them.

Or just proudly show them a croquet mallet with your name on it.

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