Casing the Joint

The World’s Largest Walk-In Beer Cave

None Pretty soon, it’s going to get hot.

Like really hot.

And your first instinct will probably be: pool. Find one. Jackknife into one.

But that would be a mistake.

Because while a pool can cool you, it can’t cool you and 30 cases of beer at the same time.

For that, there’s the Brew Cave, the world’s largest walk-in beer cooler/kegerator, available online now for all your (very) necessary beverage stockpiling needs.

So, you know that space in your apartment that you can’t figure out what to do with—well, here’s your answer. This glorious (and climate-controlled) black metal chamber of beer-chilling has a four-inch insulated core, a stainless-steel floor and enough shelf space to fit 30 cases of beer and four kegs. We assume Bruce Wayne has seven of these things.

Here’s how we see this going down. It’s July. It’s 109 degrees. And those ice sculptures you keep around the patio are starting to spontaneously combust. That’s when you’ll direct a handful of your most overheated/attractive guests inside toward the massive pod set up in the center of your living room. Open the reinforced glass door. Enter the electronically maintained 32-degree igloo. Grab something hoppy.

And for the guests patiently waiting outside to get in, well, there’s always the built-in exterior draft beer tap.

It was either that or a doorbell.

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