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Wine and Seafood in Bishop Arts

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It was a great poet who said: “A river flows surely to the sea / Darling so it goes / Some things are meant to be.”

Actually, scratch that—it was Elvis.

Either way, we’re pretty sure he was talking about eating oysters.

Meet Driftwood, an intimate cove of wine and clams in the old Con Fusion space, soft-opening tonight.

Picture a flowing river. Now take all the driftwood from said river. Turn it into art, hang it on some turquoise walls, and add a white marble bar for good measure. Then you’ll have it—the weirdest bedroom in history. Also: this spot.

Now if you’re here with a reservation for two (that’s the smart play), request a white tufted banquette across from the silver shark jaw mounted at the entrance. (Your date needs to be reminded that you’re a hunter.) Break the ice with an order of Flying Point oysters with sake-cured salmon roe. (All the seafood’s from an Abacus alum, so you’re in good hands.) Then go for the big plates. Your move: the chargrilled octopus with pickled onions.

After the dishes have been cleared, retire to the side patio, where you’ll get cozy with a little vino by the brick fireplace as you look out over the water.

And by water we mean Davis Street.

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